About DEK Digital Marketing

DEK Digital Marketing is a Digital Marketing Consulting Firm based out of the Metro Detroit area. We customize Digital Marketing strategies that focus on increasing our Clients brand awareness and lead generation through a tried and true Digital Marketing strategy.

We know that Digital Marketing can be confusing and overwhelming. While our Digital Marketing strategy works best when all six categories are utilized, we do offer each category as an individual service. That way you can take digital marketing at your own pace instead of someone else’s.

Meet Your Digital Marketing Expert 

Ashley Tengler | Founder of DEK Digital Marketing 

Hi, I’m Ashley Tengler. Founder of DEK Digital Marketing. I started this consulting firm because I am incredibly passionate about helping my Clients expand and improve their Digital Marketing Strategies. Professional Picture

Over the past 12 years, I’ve had the chance to work in many different industries which have allowed me to experience what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Digital Marketing.

I know that Digital Marketing can be overwhelming, confusing, and constantly changing. Just when you think you’ve got one digital marketing platform understood, something changes and your back at square one. Part of my passion is staying updated on all these changes so that I can help small business owners like yourself through these challenges.

My main focus when working with my Clients is to increase their company’s brand awareness and lead generation. I work with them to create a customized Digital Marketing strategy that best fits their business needs. I use my tried and true Digital Marketing techniques as a starting point and build off of that to create a customized plan for each of my Clients so that their individual voice is being heard.

What Does DEK Stand For?

Dylan, Evan, and Kenzie are my 3 amazing children. Because of them, I have decided to take on this adventure and start my own business. Being able to run my own business ensures that I am not missing out on those milestone moments in their lives while still being able to help people with Digital Marketing, is my idea of the best of both worlds.


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