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Digital Marketing can be overwhelming and constantly changing. Below are a few resources that we have found helpful and informative. If you have any questions, my door is always open, feel free to contact us with the form below.

Helpful Articles That I’ve Found…

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LinkedIn’s Guide to Digital Marketing Acronyms

Social Media Content Calendar

(PDF Worksheet)

When scheduling content for social media, you want to stay as organized as possible. To do that, it is best to plan ahead and create as much of the post ahead of time as possible. Download this free Social Media Content Calendar that will help you get started.

CLICK HERE to download this PDF

Tips For Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy

(PDF Worksheet)

Setting up a strategy is the most important step when you embark on your Digital Marketing journey. You need to know your end goal for the year and then be able to break it down into monthly goals and even weekly goals. You also need to spell out how you’re going to meet those goals as well. Download my free Digital Marketing Strategy worksheet to help get you started with planning your Digital Marketing Strategy.

CLICK HERE to download this PDF