What We Offer

Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to be successful, you need to have a plan mapped out for the year, as well as goals you would like to meet. DEK Digital Marketing will create that plan and transform it into your Company’s Marketing Cookbook including a suggested Marketing budget for the year. Once your Digital Marketing Strategy is completed and approved, quarterly check-ins should be set up to review your results and determine any changes for the following quarter.

Average Hours Involved: Start Up/Yearly– 4 Hours | Quarterly– 2 Hours

Email Marketing

Did you know that 72% of adults prefer to receive promotional content through email? So let DEK Digital Marketing help you reach those customers and prospects with a creative and effective email marketing strategy. Let’s create a campaign that will build your companies brand awareness, generate more warm leads and increase your website traffic. Campaigns can include weekly/bi-weekly/monthly newsletters, trigger, drip and nurture campaigns.

Average Hours Involved: Start Up– 5 Hours | Monthly– 4 Hours

Social Media Strategy

Currently, 69% of adults today are using at least one social media site. Social Media marketing is an easy and inexpensive way to reach clients and prospects in both B2B & B2C areas. It helps build brand awareness and increase website traffic. DEK Digital Marketing will create a customized monthly Social Media strategy for your business. Once approved we’ll post the content on the agreed upon sites and provide analytics at the end of each month.

Average Hours Involved: Start Up– 3Hours | Monthly– 5 Hours

Website & Social Media Page Audits

Having a website and social media pages that explain exactly what your company does and how they can help are very important. Just as important, these pages need to have reasons for Clients and Prospects to visit your pages. By conducting page audits, this will allow DEK Digital Marketing to provide you with suggestions that will help increase your companies brand awareness, website traffic, and lead generation.  A meeting will be held to review the audit and suggested recommendations.

Average Hours Involved: Page Audit– 2 Hours | Review Meeting– 1 Hour

Business Event Planner

Planning for a company event can be overwhelming and stressful. DEK Digital Marketing will work with you to create the perfect event to will showcase what your business has to offer. Details like location, food selection, event marketing, registration, gift bags, set up, check in and event pictures/video are things you won’t have to worry about. Business events could include open houses, employee/client appreciation events, business luncheons, networking events along with other customized ideas to fit your company’s needs.

Average Hours Involved: Vary based on the event and details

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is becoming a fast and easy way for businesses to reach their Clients and Prospects. People today would rather watch or listen to something quickly than have to sit down and read paragraph after paragraph. DEK Digital Marketing will make sure that your business is making it easy for your Clients and Prospects to stay in touch with your company. Video marketing can include a variety of videos ranging anywhere from a weekly tip to a promo video for an upcoming event. It could even be a way for your company to highlight new inventory or show clients and prospects more about who you and your company really are.

About 4 hours per video depending on length

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